Chris Hedges

Easily the best political blog out there is  And the best writer on that blog is Chris Hedges.  He is not just political–he views the whole culture with its religious, philosophical, and economic dimensions.  Admittedly he is difficult for some people to take because of his pessimism, but he has seen a lot.  As a foreign correspondent for the New York Times he was present in Central America when American aided death squads crushed many leftist movements; he was present in the Balkans in the ’90s when Moslems were being massacred by the Serbs; he was also in Gaza.  Lastly he lost his job with the Times when he wrote critically of the Iraq war at its beginnings.

All of this is a lead-up to his latest posting:

Everyone should read this.  It is a beautifully written piece on the importance and value of the wilderness in human life–a theme that this blog has been attempting to underscore in several postings.

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