At times this blog seems to have become an “Abhishiktananda Blog” but that is not the case.  It’s only that I consider this person the most significant religious figure of our time, and his lived experience and his words beckon us to a journey that most of us never heard of in any theology classroom, in any religious community, or in any standard Catholic teaching.  Or if we did “hear” of it, it was almost a “whisper” expressed in very disguised language.  Yes, there was Merton, a relief for most of us, but he was only a “beginning”—read his meditation in Asian Journal on Christ as the Door and you will see hints of a radical rethinking going on in his own mind.  But Abhishiktananda probably went further.  That does not mean he does not have his limitations—he does, and plenty of them.  That also means we need other voices, other lights also, to focus on this path, on this journey.  That’s why we often turn to our Sufi friends and sometimes to our Buddhist friends.  Among other things, Abhishiktananda tells us that it is no longer wise to journey in an isolated tradition.  So this is what this blog is all about, this path, this journey, with an occasional foray into “current events.”

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