Help Vic beat Stage 2b Prostate Cancer

My name is Victor Atkocaitis, age 77, and I’m battling Aggressive Prostate Cancer. Having survived the Covid 19 Pandemic as a full-time Walmart Associate for 17 years, my doctors and I are now fighting the fight of my life against Prostate Cancer. I need daily Pinpoint Radiation Treatment and other costly pharmaceutical therapies. The severe side effects of Radiation Therapy at my advanced age make it impossible for me to work during it, hence my appeal to you. 2022 has been a year of cascading health problems and extraordinary bills, starting with a broken wrist in January, an abscess detected by the CT in May, and now this in July. I’ve lost a lot of income. I’m looking forward to returning to full-time employment at Walmart after my Medical Leave, but my cancer is so aggressive some parts of the treatments are scheduled until November 2023. I’ve faced long odds before—I was born in a US Refugee Camp in Germany at the end of WWII— I survived the Russians taking everything except my life and my Mother’s life before we came to the USA as official refugees. With your help, I know I can beat cancer like I beat the Russians. Thank you for your contribution.